// friday, july 19 2019 //

** starts at 7pm **

24 shade tree lane, riverhead ny 11901

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what is LINK

At LINK you will be inspired by a network of people living life to the fullest. You will have the opportunity to listen to great music 💽, hear a relevant & inspiring message 💡, and meet people from every sphere of life 🌎.

Come on out for a great night of food, music and community with purpose!

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who WE are

* We are NOT confined by age.
** We are NOT bound by tradition.
*** We are NOT burdened by religion.
**** We are NOT apathetic in mission.
***** We are NOT lacking of vision.

> We ARE filled with purpose.
>> We ARE inspired and fully alive.
>>> We ARE a community from all walks of life
seeking to know God and connect with each other.
>>>> We connect people to people, and people to God.
>>>>> We are LINK.

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connect with LINK

Join the facebook community and send us a message to get in touch.

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